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North High School strives to provide every student with opportunities to succeed in their academic, social, and personal endeavors while enhancing each student's ability to become productive contributors to a global society.


All members of the North High School community are committed to providing a safe, orderly and supportive environment where students learn to become effective communicators, responsible citizens and creative, complex thinkers.       


WE BELIEVE in maintaining an atmosphere, which encourages intellectual curiosity, and independent, creative thinking.            

WE BELIEVE in developing new and challenging learning experiences that will help students acquire those skills necessary to locate information, organize knowledge, and express ideas; learn techniques for critical and objective analysis; make appropriate educational and occupational choices.            

WE BELIEVE in providing opportunities for students to understand the principles of physical fitness and good health habits.           

WE BELIEVE in discovering the interests and talents of a student and guiding them in the proper preparation and application of their particular abilities.            

WE BELIEVE in providing opportunities and guidance for individual development through self-discovery and appraisal of strengths and weaknesses so that students can make choices and solve problems in a socially acceptable manner.            

WE BELIEVE in building citizenship and tolerance through group activities, which emphasize self-control and self-discipline as well as teamwork and cooperation.            

WE BELIEVE in teaching the importance of courteous, cooperative work relationships and an appreciation of the achievements and opinions of others.            

WE BELIEVE in supplementing the home and community agencies in the development of ethical character and an understanding of moral principles as a basis for a philosophy of life.

EXPECTED SCHOOLWIDE LEARNING RESULTS                              

While working cooperatively, collaboratively and individually toward the achievement of goals, standards, and the development of products:                  

Students will demonstrate effective communication and comprehension skills, using a variety of forms of expression, tools, and technology.                  

•Students will be responsible citizens who will exhibit understanding of wellness, appropriate behavior, and tolerance of cultural and individual diversity.                  

•Students will be creative, complex thinkers, who will demonstrate:                       

•Logical organization of information                       

•Application of concepts

•Problem-solving skills

•Critical analysis