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2017 Graduation DVD's for sale

Video Order Form

Jake Unger will be at the 12th-grade graduation ceremony documenting the event with multi-camera coverage and will make a complete and fully edited video download.  Cost for the access to view & download the video is $25.

To order, complete and mail* the form below along with cash or a check, payable to Jake Unger*.  The school will not accept orders. 

You will be emailed a private invitation & password to download the video. 
Delivery time is 4 to 5 weeks after the event. 

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Please send an email access of the ’17 North School 12th Grade Graduation Ceremony to:


Please print legibly.



Email Address (required for video download):


Phone Number (optional):








The school will not accept orders. Orders may only be placed via U.S.Mail.

Please send completed form along with cash or a check payable to:

3917 W. 185th St. Torrance, Ca. 90504-4820                                                                
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Click Here for Downloadable Form