2018-2019 Slate

North High School PTA Slate 2018-2019


The nominating committee is pleased to present the following slate of officers for the association’s consideration for the 2018-2019 Executive Board:

President:                                           Denise Spellman

1st VP - Programs:                                Sharon Sawai

2nd VP – Ways & Means:                       Michael Beasley

3rd VP –Membership:                            Nikki Cobos

Recording Secretary:                            Traci Mellin

Financial Secretary:                               Shanie Asato

Treasurer:                                           Amy Caponpon

Auditor:                                              Timmi McShane

Historian:                                             Cayme Momita



North High PTA Nominating Committee:

Amy Caponpon

Nikki Cobos

Donna McDonald

Traci Mellin

Cayme Momita